There are many solutions for overweight or obese people but there are underweight people also who are struggling for gaining weight because of their skinny body, and there are many who are clinically underweight and for all these problems we have some tips for you to easily gain weight. We will recommend to you the best things which are clinically healthy and are very good for gaining muscle weight, not the fats. 

To start with the tips to gain weight let’s first discuss what are the consequences of being underweight. 

  • Being underweight can be one of the reasons for early death. 
  • Being underweight can increase the chances of infections, low bone density and impair the immune system. 
  • One study also showed that underweight can also lead to infertility. 

And to avoid these problems in the future there few listed foods that you can have in your daily to gain weight and body muscles:


Nuts can be a part of your daily routine as they help in gaining weight healthily. Nuts can be added to your daily meal or you can even have them with salads. Eating raw or dry nuts is most beneficial for our body and health. 

Nuts are a very good source of protein, calories, minerals, fat and fiber. Dry fruits are really helpful for building muscles. It keeps the body fit and strong, just take care that you eat nuts in a moderate amount.

Milk and milk products 

Milk is a great source of calories, protein, and beneficial nutrients, it offers a mix of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins that help you in gaining weight and muscle building. To increase the intake of milk you should try drinking it with meals, eating more milk products like cheese, paneer or adding it to smoothies. People with lactose intolerance or milk allergy should avoid it. And for someone who is looking to gain weight can add milk to their eating schedule throughout the day. 


Having rice in our daily meal is also a very good option for increasing weight healthily as in one cup of rice, it contains 200 calories and it is a very good source of carbohydrates which helps in gaining weight easily and healthily. And it is very easy for people to include rice in their daily meals containing proteins and vegetables. 

Red Meat 

If you are a non-vegetarian and still facing underweight issues then red meat is a very good source that you can incorporate in your meals to gain weight easily and healthily. In different studies, it is shown that red meat helps in building muscles and gaining weight. It contains leucine and creatine that plays a very crucial role in boosting mass muscle and it also contains protein and fat which helps in weight gain. 

Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate is high in fat and calorie food that contains antioxidants that help in the easy gaining of weight and someone who is looking to gain weight should eat chocolate with at least more than 70 percent of cocoa. 

Cereal bars 

Cereal bars contain minerals and vitamins in a more convenient form and you should always look for bars that contain whole grains, nuts and fruits. Cereal bars are a very good source for gaining weight and for your health also. And you should always try to avoid the cereal bars which contain high sugar as they are not good for our health. 

The main secret behind increasing weight is consuming more calories in your diet then you are burning in your daily routine. And doing exercise also plays a very crucial role in increasing weight as it increases our metabolism and helps in our body function smoothly.