Christianity is the largest religion on earth with 2.5 billion Christians around the world.

Being a committed Christian is no easy task. Living a life dedicated to bringing the kingdom of God to earth is challenging, but Christians have the tools to overcome the struggle.

In this age of so-called modern Christianity, some people think that because the world is different and changing, that Christianity should change too. That’s simply not true.

Bible verses like “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” (John 14:15), tell you that this is the way to follow Jesus. The commandments haven’t changed for the modern world.

It’s not easy for anyone to behave like Jesus, even Christians, but we still need to try. Keep reading to learn some of the ways to represent and follow Jesus in the modern world.

1. Carve Out Time to Pray

Do you wish to build a personal relationship with Jesus? Find a time and a quiet place to pray each day. The Bible tells us that Jesus went to a quiet place to pray on many occasions. He spent time talking to God and listening for His guidance.

Spend time praying about everything in your life…thank God for your blessings, ask for guidance in important decisions, pray that things that are troubling you will be resolved, and pray for others who are suffering.

2. Service to others

Jesus did not come to earth and expect his disciples to cater to his every need. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. You can serve others in many ways. Use your gifts to help those in need.

Volunteer your time or talent, help your neighbours, donate to worthy causes, and be a good listener when someone is troubled.

3. Read and Know the Bible

You have to read the Bible to know what Jesus was like and how He lived during His time on earth. Spend five to ten minutes each day reading the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to learn about Jesus’ life and the lessons He taught us.

4. Put God First

No matter what you are doing, God should be at the center of it. Give all the glory to God in times of despair and elation. He is always there for you. Remember that.

5. Avoid Temptation

As Christians, and people in general, we are all sinners. That shouldn’t stop us from trying to be better. Resist, or better yet, avoid temptation. Stay away from things you know are wrong and may lead you down the wrong path.

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Ways to Follow Jesus in Today’s World

If you wish to live a Christian lifestyle, you have to work hard to follow Jesus and his teachings. None of us are perfect and that leads us to do things that are not in line with our faith. Follow this advice to better your life in Jesus Christ.

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