The lack of mobility in old age can create a lot of problems for seniors. Accidental falls are one of the major medical issues in the senior citizen community. Researchers observed that around 30% of adults aged over 65 in Australia had experienced at least one fall per year. 

Moving around the house can be a big challenge for people with disabilities and limited mobility. It is vital to ensure that the senior citizens have the right safety measures from companies like safety and mobility to move around the house without any difficulty. You can achieve this by making necessary changes in the house arrangements. 

Here are five valuable tips to make your home safe for people with limited mobility by taking the necessary safety measures. These tips include suggestions to make minor changes in your home. It will help to make your home safer and more accessible for older adults in your home. 

  • Make A Safer Entrance

Entrances to the homes and buildings can be a safety hazard for people with limited mobility. It is essential to keep the home entrance well-lit and clear of any objects that can cause anyone to trip over them and fall. If your entrance has stairs, it would be better to have sturdy handrails on at least one side. Installing a grab bar or ramp would also be beneficial for people with walkers and wheelchairs.

  • Make The Kitchen More Accessible

Your kitchen can be made more accessible by applying various solutions from safety and mobility to reduce bending, lifting, and stretching in the kitchen. Keep plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery in a single accessible drawer or shelf.  Having a reacher around the house can also help grab various things in the kitchen that aren’t easily accessible. 

  • Make the Living Room More Livable

Rearrange the furniture so that it doesn’t cause any trouble while moving around the living room. Keep lower furniture items like coffee tables and ottomans out of the way.  Avoid carpets and rugs as they can be a hazard.

  • Make the Best of the Bedroom

Stairs can be lethal for seniors, and going up and down the stairs can be exhausting for them. Converting a room on the ground floor into the bedroom can be very helpful. Install a night light in the bedroom for safe nature calls at night. A portable commode can be handy for such situations.


  •  Make the Bathroom Slip-Free

Bathrooms are the most dangerous places for older adults. Install skid-free bath mats to prevent falls caused by wet and slippery floors. Put a chair near the sink to sit and brush. Install toilet safety rails to assist in getting up from the toilet seat. 

Installing additional grab bars in the bathroom is also very helpful. Use bathroom organisers to keep shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other things in one place. Bathroom organisers will help avoid bending down in the bathroom to pick up something.

You can avoid accidental falls and injuries by making these minor arrangements in your home. Make sure your home becomes a safe living space for people with limited mobility. That way, they can lead a safer and healthier life ahead.