You must have heard the statement, ‘mind over matter.’ In simple terms, it implies that your mental well-being controls your physical health. Your mental health indeed holds immense power over you. After all, your brain controls everything that is happening in your body. If you’re stressed, frustrated, and exhausted, the effects trickle down, making your body suffer as well. You may start feeling moody, cry often, or even begin neglecting your health. While you may seek western medicine as a course of treatment, they’re not always effective. Pills work with solid science; they don’t take into account what other features govern your mind. 

The human body is more than flesh; we have energy fields running through us. Energy therapy flirts with the idea of how blockages in your energy field cause turbulence in your life. When you seek remedial methods to balance the energy, you will feel lighter and better. Don’t allow skepticism to overtake you; the process of energy therapy is holistic with no chemical interventions. 


Understanding The Process

Energy healing follows a process. Practitioners who work on you can sense and feel your energy. The awareness helps them manipulate your energy and fields. Of course, you can always purchase books such as the emotion code book to learn how to heal yourself. However, a professional practioner knows how to safely get your energy to flow through you like a stream. Your energy field is like an egg-shaped field. It interconnects with the channels in your body called meridians and energy centers called chakras. Chakras are located all over your body, such as in organs, joints, and where your nerves come together. To help you understand better, here are some forms of energy therapies that you should contemplate doing:

  • Reiki

Reiki stems from eastern spirituality. It works by manipulating the energy flow in your body to help you rejuvenate. The process allows the practitioner to place their hands over your chakras and sense the energy blockages within you. They will heal your chakras after they can feel where there is a substantial block. The therapy is non-invasive, and you will remain fully clothed. There is no probing. The practitioner uses their hand to touch you gently as a guiding medium. After the session is complete, you will feel a decrease in pain throughout your body. The tension in your muscles will ease, and you may even sleep better. Patients of chemotherapy have significantly benefited from the energy flow. They feel lighter and fresher with no nausea. 

  • Craniosacral Therapy 

A practitioner can feel subtle pulses emitted by imbalances in the fluid around your brain. You may feel some tension building around your neck region or show symptoms of chronic pain, including pain in your jaw. A practitioner will place their hand on your head and face to feel areas of energy blockage. Since energy flows through us, the pain can start from your head and go to your pelvis. Therefore, practitioners may trace a path of how far the energy flow goes and where it’s blocked. After scanning you, they’ll gently palpate areas of blockage to release energy. This treatment opens your energy channels. The body’s fluid will flow smoother, and your tissues will get nourished. The process is suitable for those with headaches, back pain, and chronic fatigue. Even if you are struggling with problems in your immune system, there are immense benefits. When there are no more blockages, you will feel lighter and more self-aware.

  • Healing Touch

The Touch has many benefits. Even one of the sensory tools taught to growing children is touch. Since it is such an important sense, it does more than give you the ability to feel. The practitioner will use the healing power of touch to help your body get balanced. You will also feel emotionally rejuvenated, and your body will carry on its natural healing ability. The practitioner will also realign your chakras and fix your energy fields. Healing touch is specific. A practitioner needs to know what is precisely wrong with you before the session begins. Following the session, you will feel a reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression. Your body pain will decrease, and your immune system will get stronger. You may even feel spiritually connected with your sense of being.

  • Magnetic Therapy 

Another form of energy therapy is magnetic therapy. Practitioners believe in the interaction between the body, earth, and the influence of electromagnetic fields. If your magnetic fields are imbalanced, you may feel physical and emotional pain. The practitioner can help fix your magnetic fields through thin metal magnets. They are placed in various regions and left on your body for an hour or several hours to realign the fields. A practitioner may even recommend wearing magnetic bracelets and necklaces to continue treatment. Magnetic therapy covers a wide range of health issues. You can use it to cure joint problems, migraines, and depression. 

  • Polarity Therapy 

There is a belief that our pulses are a combination of negative and positive life energy. Currents that emerge from the polarity can get manipulated. A practitioner, through the power of a touch, can feel these pulses and release blockages. The practice leans heavily on ayurvedic philosophy. The philosophy states that people are born with a specific constitution. In simpler words, a combination of physical and psychological characteristics impacts your functions. These characteristics use fire, water, air, and earth along with ether and flow within us. Every element has a specific vibration, and practitioners use deep massage techniques to create a frequency.  They may even hold your cranium, area near your neck zone, and rock you. You can treat various conditions such as chronic pain and fatigue and emotional problems such as anger, sadness, and anxiety.

  • Zero Balancing

One of the oldest energy therapies is zero balancing. The therapy aims to facilitate a healthy relationship between energy and the structures of your body. A practitioner will scan your body and pinpoint the tension blocking your energy channels and work on releasing them. The practitioner uses finger pressure and gentle manipulation methods to release stress. The problematic area can be anywhere in your body, from soft tissues to bones. The purpose of zero balance is to create points of balance around your body. The result is you will feel healthier and rejuvenated along with postural alignment.

Wrap Up

Energy therapies can help you lead a better and more fulfilling life. Practitioners make use of your body’s channel and energy centers to help you feel better. There are numerous therapies for you to try. While these methods are far from conventional methods, there are client testimonials that can help you decide. Not everything gets solved through western medicine. It would help if you had an open mind when it comes to taking care of your body. Even if you’re unsure if these methods will work, there is no chemical intervention. So, you can feel free to have an energy healing session without worrying about any side effects.