Drug addiction is worse than any deadly disease because it kills you every moment. It affects your life and damages your mental and physical health. Even the recovery process is not easy for drug addicts as chances of relapse are always high. Some individuals give up even during recovery. According to research, around two-third of individuals relapse during the treatment. 

It is essential to understand what triggers you to consume drugs to prevent relapse. Without identifying triggers, recovery is almost impossible because you will fall again and again into the trap of addiction. 

You can spend time in the world’s most expensive or best treatment organizations for recovery. But once you are out of the treatment center, you have to deal with addiction triggers yourself. Nobody can stay with you 24/7 to stop you from consuming any drugs. You are the best protector of yourself, so you need to know what encourages you to take your favorite drugs. It will help you find out the root cause of the issue and play a key role in your recovery. Let’s explore some of the common addiction triggers and how you can avoid them. 

Get Rid of Stress

Stress is one of the main primary relapse factors that trigger people dealing with drug addiction worldwide. Different research studies have shown that stressful situations force individuals to seek peace of mind through drugs. A particular substance is always the primary coping mechanism for individuals struggling with addiction. 

So, that is why private addiction treatment centers emphasize the stress factor to figure out what causes stress to the individual. They examine what type of stress a person is going through. Suppose it is due to any personal relationship issue. In that case, they try to sort it out by contacting the relevant person in your family. Similarly, you have to figure out a situation or person causing you stress. Whether it is a financial or relationship issue, there is always a way to resolve it. But to avoid a problem by taking the help of drugs and destroying your health is nothing but sheer stupidity. 

You can hide behind drugs to avoid problems that cause stress, but keep in mind that it will not improve your life. Your problems are still there, so you have to eliminate those stressful factors from your life that encourage you to take the shield of drugs. 

To avoid stress, you should make the right changes in your relationships and lifestyle. You have to start practicing mindfulness and manage your daily schedule effectively to avoid panic mode. Also, doing moderate exercise and consuming healthy food will help you reduce stress. You have to focus on your career goals to live a better life, as it will help you overcome any negative thoughts. 

Avoid Places and People Causing Addictive Behavior

It’s critical to examine the places and people part of your addicted behavior. They are the potential triggers, so you should beware of them. If something reminds you of your old addiction, It can trigger your habits. Even your closest friends and family members can be a trigger for you. 

You should control your feelings if you get triggered due to any place or individual. For example, suppose you are an alcoholic and have a group of alcoholic friends. In that case, you must avoid staying in their company for long. There is no harm in meeting your friends with such habits, but everyone has different self-control. You should go from that place as soon as possible if you sense that you cannot control your urge anymore. 

It would be best to shift your focus towards healthy activities like running daily, reading books, watching inspirational movies, or surrounding yourself with positive people. If you are not going to prepare yourself, you will make yourself vulnerable to relapse. 

Deal with Negative Emotions 

People dealing with drug addiction go through different challenging emotions that surround their minds with negativity. You have to find a method to deal with negative thoughts and challenging emotions. Taking help of drugs will only give you temporary relief and will add zero value to your life. Learn to get comfortable with difficult emotions that can trigger addictive behavior. And understand that everybody goes through such feelings, but it should not be a symptom of impending setbacks. So, you need to know how to deal with any negativity. 

You can take these emotions as part of life and an opportunity to become more challenging mentally. It will help you grow and deal with different complex situations and challenges that life will throw your way daily. It is essential to develop gratitude and feel blessed about your things. It will help you fight negativity and ensure that you never find an easy escape from your problems. 

Seeing the Object of Addiction 

Your addiction reminders can be very triggering. Seeing people sipping alcohol in restaurants or your friend smoking weed or any other substance can cause a relapse. But if you want to start a new life free of drug addiction, you have to learn not to get carried away by such things. You have to focus on the new life you will live with your family members. Think about your parents’ happiness when you get completely clean from drug addiction. 

Nothing can give you more pleasure than seeing your parents and family members happy and relieved. As a result, you may consider things from this perspective. So that even seeing an addiction-related object does not affect your brain. 


Staying healthy and wealthy depends on your mental and physical health. Drug addiction affects your personality and the people living around you. Therefore, it is necessary to identify addiction triggers that can force you to start consuming drugs again. It would be best if you start spending more time in the company of people who do not consume any drugs. It will help you avoid any triggers and to quit your drug addiction. Seeking the right treatment is also crucial for your recovery, so you must find the right treatment center.