Losing lots of hair every day can be alarming. Science shows that the average strands of hair we normally lose a day should be around 80. Things get more serious when you shred hair more than that, plus if your hair does not grow back. 

Hair loss has so many triggers, which people must identify to think of possible solutions to stop hairs from falling out. Anabel Kingsley and Dr. Sharon Wong, hair loss experts, talked about the main reasons why people lose hair. 


Hair Growth Cycle Explained 

How to Implement Healthy Habits to Live a Happier Life

Dr. Wong mentioned the life cycle of the hair follicles in three stages. The fact is that each hair follicle grows independently throughout its lifetime. 

The first stage is called anagen or the growing phase that will last for seven years. In this stage, the hair will grow longer and thicker. A time will come when the hair fiber stops growing and is in a transitional phase so-called catagen. Lastly is the resting phase or the telogen when old hair begins to shred naturally. However, the skin surface will be filled again with new anagen hair. 


Why Individuals Experience Hair Loss? 


There are two types of hair loss you should know – genetic and reactive. The first type is when hair thinning becomes gradual because of hormonal issues. On the other hand, reactive type of hair loss occurs as a result of something, such as illness or a bad diet. 

That being said, here is a list of common reasons why a person suffers from hair loss:


Hormonal Imbalance


This cause of hair loss falls under genetic type. A hormonal imbalance will impact the whole body bringing many health issues in. 

Female and male hormones play a vital role in hair growth. It affects the length and thickness of the hair, which basically differs for each gender. Excessive androgens, a male hormone, can result in hair loss because it triggers follicle sensitivity. 


Nutrient Deficiency 


Our hair requires a lot of nutrients to grow healthier. One is iron that strengthens hair strands and without it, hair loss will occur. Another is vitamin B12 in which lacking this nutrient will cause restlessness and low energy, and of course, hair loss. 

Eating healthy can help grow hair, including animal protein for vitamin B12 and foods rich in iron. 


Thyroid Imbalance


A health issue such as thyroid problems can also cause hair loss. It is because the thyroid gland is responsible for controlling protein production in the human body. If left untreated, it may turn into anemia that can impact hair growth. 


Weight Loss


Surprisingly, losing weight can impact your hair growth, whether intentional or unintentional. That is why a proper diet is highly advised by professionals for every person. 

Too dramatic weight loss may weaken hair follicles that will result in excessive hair loss. The truth is surviving this life could be possible even without hair but most health issue signs begin with the hair. So, pay attention to your hair growth at all times. 


Old Age 


As we age, our hair also gets weaker. The body changes have an impact on your hair, especially during the menopausal stage for women. Nonetheless, this is normal as hair will naturally be aged as well. 


Traction Alopecia 


People have the habit of wearing different hairstyles that might trigger hair loss. Traction alopecia involves a pattern of hair loss, particularly on the edges or hairlines. The main cause is the excessive pulling forces over the hair strands. 

Giving your hair a break from hair products and styles will help prevent hair loss caused by traction alopecia. 


Simple Ways to Fix Hair Loss

Hair loss can be unpredictable as hair grows in a cycle. So, below are the remedies whenever excessive shedding happens.


Healthy Diet


Protein and carbohydrates can help hair growth. Perhaps changing your diet is the answer to your hair loss problem. Find essential foods that will benefit not just your hair but also your whole being. Results won’t be visible immediately but it will surely work. 




Eating healthy foods cannot be enough, thus adding up supplements into your diet is highly advised. Hair follicles are also in need of vitamins and minerals to hold hair strands better. Ask the experts what particular supplement will work on you. 


Scalp Massage 


There is nothing more relaxing than having a traditional head massage. It helps to stimulate blood flow that is good for the hair. Experts use essential oils to make hair less prone to breaking and keep it stronger up to the root. 


Proper Hair Styling 


Hair products can stress out hair follicles which can end up in hair loss. Avoid products that add unwanted weight to your hair such as creams. It may contain harsh chemicals that could just damage your hair. They are found on hair dyes and other hair products. 

One more thing is to prevent using hairstyles that apply strong force on the scalp. It might uproot multiple hair strands once the style is removed.  


Scalp Micropigmentation For Hair Loss 


The Luxe Micro provides treatment for hair loss called scalp micropigmentation. It is a hair tattoo that serves as a permanent solution that takes time to fade. All it requires is a healthier lifestyle to make it last longer up to seven years. Scalp micro-pigmentation will restore someone’s self-esteem with its natural-looking hairline after the three-time visits for SMP treatment. 

For a consultation, contact Luxe Micro for more details.