Over the years I have realized that I am well and truly a person of habit.

Habits make and shape my days. They make me happy – and this is what today’s post is all about.

In my younger years, I used to really struggle to stay on top of my home. I looked at my friends’ houses in awe – but I couldn’t replicate the effects.

Since then, I’ve worked hard at developing my internal set of habits to help me along. These include:

  • I abide by the ‘clean enough’ philosophy
  • I buy flowers twice a month
  • I wipe the counters after every meal
  • I clean before bedtime
  • I have a garbage schedule

I’m going to start with the ‘clean enough’ philosophy. Put simply, I stopped trying to go for the perfect, clean house. As someone who works, it’s just not possible, and I’m always left disappointed. This doesn’t mean to say that I don’t invest any time in cleaning. On the contrary, I set aside regular periods each week, but my standards are at a reasonable level which means my home is kept looking ‘decent’ and I’m no longer demotivated with my progress.

Next, it’s on flowers. I now turn to Avas Flowers twice a month to spruce up my home. The beauty about Avas Flowers is that they deliver so quickly; it means that once a vase is over, I quickly make another order. There are a lot of flower companies that offer nationwide but these Avas Flowers reviews convinced me to go with them. By regularly turning to nature, my home starts to feel alive. The delivery also feels like a ‘jolt’ of motivation to improve other parts of my home. After all, if there is a beautiful bouquet sat on the counter, surely, they should be complemented with a clean and tidy home.

I’m now going to talk about wiping the counters. Some people do this as second nature but for me, it took a while to develop the habit. I used to leave the counters ‘for another time’. As it turned out, that other time never came. I now make a regular commitment to wipe down the counters after every meal. The result? It also means that I tidy up the counters. I now know that after every meal, my kitchen is going to look spotless.

This brings me to my next point, cleaning before bedtime. Granted, this isn’t the most glamorous pastime, but it’s a habit that has served me well. It means that I can wake up with a smile on my face, all for the cost of ten minutes’ worth of cleaning. I never surpass the ‘magic’ ten-minute mark – this is sufficient to stay on top of things and keep the home happy and tidy.

My last point is about my garbage schedule. I never used to have one of these, and it always used to result in my recycling starting to slowly build up in a corner of my kitchen. It looked a mess, and it certainly wasn’t acceptable. Now, I have a regular schedule. Every two days, both of my trash cans are taken outside. Of course, circumstances can dictate that this is done even more frequently, but overall the 2-day habit has served me well again.