Diatomaceous earth is a rock with a granular structure and is pretty rich in silica. The material is soft enough to break into powder and can be easily ingested or used for various health benefits. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized remains of diatoms, a significant group of micro-organisms found in waterways and vast oceans worldwide. The diatoms are millions of years old and have quite a number of critical trace minerals. That makes them a powerful tool you can use to enhance your health. 

This article focuses on food-grade diatomaceous earth and its health benefits.

Promotes stronger joints, bones, and teeth

Diatomaceous earth contains silica, an element that supports healthier teeth, bones, and flexible joints. Research has shown that dietary silicon enhances bone mass and collective tissue. The diatomaceous earth supports the metabolic processes and has a measurable effect on the bones’ mineral density. Low bone mass could lead to osteoporosis or otherwise known as the “silent killer of the 21st century”. When you add this helpful element to your regular diet, you substantially positively affect skeletal functioning and strength. A combination of high silica levels and other minerals is used to treat connective tissue diseases. 

Strengthens nails and hair

The intake of food-grade diatomaceous earth helps in strengthening and protecting hair and nails. Among other things, silica has a significant effect on nails and hair, and the mineral helps protect the scalp from fungal infections. Whether you’ve some problem with hair loss, dandruff, or you want to strengthen your hair and nails, food-grade diatomaceous earth is such a powerful bio, scarce but available in silicon. 

Helps fight parasites

Dangerous parasites have no place with diatomaceous earth. The element’s low density and composition are ideal for flushing out and killing parasites from the small intestines and your body’s digestive tract. Due to its small size in the diatomaceous earth, the material won’t harm the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Diatomaceous earth has been used for a long time to keep off parasites from livestock and pets. Research has also proven that diatomaceous earth is an effective long-term treatment for pests and parasites. 

Detox and strengthening your digestive system

The diatomaceous earth has for a long time been used for detox and cleansing the digestive system. It has proved to help cleanse the intestines and the digestive tract. It also soaks up and sweeps away a range of toxins and heavy metals and removes intestinal worms, parasites, and other harmful micro-organisms. The silica in diatomaceous earth is also used to reduce the accumulation of waste and improve gut health.

Reduces bloating and gas

Diatomaceous earth is also used to cleanse the body of harmful bacteria that eliminates uncomfortable bloating, unwanted gas, and excessive wind. When such bacteria, toxins, and other impurities are removed, the digestive system is unburdened, and its functionality is enhanced.

From exfoliating the skin to improving the digestive system, the diatomaceous earth is an essential element that touches every part of the body, leading to good health.