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When your health is poor, everything in your life suffers. It’s harder to concentrate and study. Being ill can cause you to fall behind in your academic work. Stress may make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to be successful in all facets of your life, you must prioritize your health.

Americans today perceive their condition as worse than it was ten years ago, according to the 2020 Social Progress Index, which utilizes 50 well-being criteria to evaluate life quality around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has only served to highlight how crucial it is for the nation to lead healthier, more balanced lives, was obtained before this data was compiled. Perhaps you’ve been considering spending more time on your health and well-being. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gym membership or adhere to a rigid diet to improve your health. You might find sound health and wellness guidance on our recognized blogs at We are a top resource for knowledge on physical activity, diet, and mental health.

About Us

Even though it can be difficult, talking about mental illness is essential. Through our website (, we hope to spread the straightforward notion that someone healthy must be both physically and mentally sound. We at Surviving Spirits are seeking individuals who have previously or now struggled with mental illness. Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge, tools, and comfort they require to recover and lead fulfilling lives.

Our Purpose

We hope to address and accomplish several objectives with The Surviving Spirit, including the following:

A speaker’s bureau, newsletter, website, brochure, retail gallery, coffee shop, media center, and other services are used to promote Hope, Healing, and Help for people who have experienced trauma, abuse, or mental health issues. Please be aware that trauma, abuse, and mental health problems are regularly mentioned on our website, in our literature, at our events, etc. We want to reach out to people who have gone through the pain and suffering that these three serious illnesses address. We would want to extend our invitation to their family members, friends, and the general public to raise awareness about how these health issues affect all of us.

By debunking the myths, phobias, and misconceptions surrounding trauma, abuse, and mental health problems, The Surviving Spirit hopes to help bring about change. Even though those who are considered to have mental illnesses only make up a small part of the population, news about them will always be covered by the media since they attract the most attention. The Surviving Spirit will show the other side of that equation and refute long-held myths, worries, and preconceptions about mental illness via the stories of optimism, fortitude, and perseverance told by the brilliant and outstanding people we work with.

Writing great health care requires many understandings and it is what we have done in our blogs. 

Five brief suggestions that we believe are essential when beginning to write a blog post regarding health and wellbeing are provided below:

  • Choose a subject and point of view about health and wellness

You are in charge. I’m sure you have a lot to say. And that is fantastic! Nobody is better than you at what you specialize in. But writing a blog post is not something you just do. It is crucial for you to comprehend why you are writing and to whom you are writing. Are you speaking with a particular type of consumer or client? Are you addressing a specific issue or question for that client? Do you think your target audience is interested in what you have to say, or would they rather read about an alternative perspective or method used to approach the same issue?

The major goal of our business is to grow. And we can only achieve that if we attract the clients we want to assist and collaborate with. As a result, choosing the target audience is the first stage in building a blog.

Here at is a quick way to assist us in determining the buyer persona—a marketing term for the perfect client. But in this case, I’m speaking to us, a business that advocates for good health and happiness. We probably have a basic idea of writing for blogs. We are thought of as subject matter experts in this field and prioritize achieving results. Our blog post’s point of view sets it apart from other pieces on the same topic. If you search the internet, you can find a tonne of blog posts on the subject you want to write about. It’s already been finished. Additionally, it has been covered in writing.

  • Examine and substantiate assertions

Researching is the key to writing an effective essay. Examining the topic under discussion enables us to gain a deeper understanding of it, which improves our writing’s clarity. Even if you consider yourself to be an authority in your industry and feel that you don’t need to conduct any research. This is where you run the danger of missing crucial details and maybe shifting your opinion. Even if you are an authority on the subject, doing research will increase your knowledge of it, keep you informed of new information, and help you see things from a different perspective.

The gathering of the necessary information needed to back up any claims we make in a blog article is another important objective of the research. It is essential to back up any statements made in a health and wellness blog post because doing so offers our readers more confidence in what we are saying. This increases our credibility since we can ensure that the data, we provide to our audience is accurate.

For instance, if we said, “Yoga is known to treat persistent lower back pain,” we would cite relevant research or elaborate on them to substantiate our claim. In any event, it’s best practice to add a link so that our readers can read more about that specific study if they so desire.

  • Cite examples and informed observations

Client testimonials are an excellent way to increase your credibility. Include their experiences in our blog post so that other readers can relate to them. By integrating other people’s tales, the message is made more realistic and human.

Including specialists’ remarks as well. Even though you are the expert, the blog piece gains credibility by substantiating your statements with evidence from other experts. The additional comments increase confidence since they let your readers know that you are supported by other experts. 

  • Address our readers in the first, second, or third person

We write our blog entries in the first person to create a more intimate relationship with our readers. We concurrently assert our power by using the pronoun “I.” In this circumstance, passive claims are inappropriate. The reader will still perceive us as the subject matter experts even if our blog content contains expert interviews. Whether you write in the first person or the third doesn’t matter. Every blog post’s goal is to interact with readers, give them useful information, empower them, and overall make their lives better.

Whether we write in the first-person subjective perspective or the third-person objective perspective, when we address our readers, our blog entries become interesting, conversational, and human.

  • Direct our audience to take the next step

The blog content should ultimately benefit your readers. It could imply that you want your audience to gain a deeper understanding of the material, fresh information that is crucial to their health, a change in behavior, or some other benefit. We want to accomplish a few things when we write an essay on health and fitness. This will serve as a writing handbook and help us organize the sections of our blog post logically and coherently. We always direct readers toward the following action after they have done reading a blog post. What should they do? What actions ought they to take next?


Recent years have seen a rise in interest in health and wellness. Whether it’s hip new diets or contemporary yoga classes, it seems like everyone is searching for the newest fad. To stay healthy, though, you don’t always need a personal chef or an expensive gym membership; sometimes the answer is just a mouse click away. An effective marketing tool is a successful health and wellness company blog. It does, however, provide readers with a resource to help them in their search for better health.

These five simple methods assist us in creating a health and wellness blog that effectively engages readers and communicates crucial information that can enhance their health and well-being.

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