Inner peace is something we all strive for in life.

It can be challenging to feel peaceful when life is getting in the way or certain circumstances are stealing your joy.

However, it is important that, even in the face of those difficult times, we remain focused on our breath, practising mindfulness, and only allowing positive forces into our lives.

Staying present and aware is a key component to finding and keeping your peace.

How do you do that, you might ask?

Allow me to list and explain all of the rituals you can use in order to keep your peace and not allow the world to steal your joy. 


1. Journaling 

5 Small Daily Rituals to Promote Inner Peace

Daily journaling allows you the opportunity to clearly define your thoughts and emotions.

Laying out what you are thinking and feeling is a great way to empty your brain of all the negative and harmful things locked up in there. It is also a great way to list out all of the positive things that come across your mind.

You can write kind notes to yourself that you can read whenever you are feeling like your peace is being robbed.

A note such as, “You’re so smart and strong! Don’t ever forget how much you are worth!” is an example of positive self-talk and reading things like this will help you greatly. 


2. Daily Goals 

What is on your agenda?

What do you wish to accomplish today?

Set goals for yourself and put them into action.

This can include a grocery list with the intention of going to the store, a day of fun planned with your children, a plan to go on a hike with friends, etc.

Taking the time to plan out what you want or need to do in a day will prevent you from being scattered or stressed out.

Having a clear outline allows for peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss a beat when you are going about your day. 


3. Make Space to Breathe 

Another great way to keep your peace is to take small moments throughout the day to breathe and practice being mindful.

Your breath can be used as a defence for what challenges your peace.

Breathe in acceptance, (understanding that you can’t change everything and that sometimes you have to deal with difficult situations and people as they are, but that in no way means you have to agree with them) and breathe out all negative thoughts, and emotions.

Imagine all of the darkness and negativity floating away with each out-breath.

Take as many breaths as you need to feel peaceful again.

You can do this multiple times throughout your day when you feel tense.

Whether it’s in traffic or with a difficult person, taking the time to have a mindful moment will prevent you from lashing out and doing or saying something you might later regret. 


4. Go See Someone You Care About

Go See Someone You Care About

When you’re feeling low, visiting a close friend or family member could be just what you need to boost your mood.

Loved ones help us stay sane, level, and grounded.

Talking to and spending time with someone you care about when you’re feeling on edge is a helpful way to gain perspective.

Plan a lunch date, cook at home together, schedule a sleepover!

Close friends and loved ones can have a positive impact on your day and spending time with them will certainly help you gain clarity on your situation while remaining peaceful and stress-free.


5. Post Reminders Around the House


Posting positive affirmations around your home for yourself to see on a daily basis is a creative way to fill your living environment with healthy and nurturing words.

You can gather as many inspirational, kind, and even funny quotes as you’d like online and print them out or write them down to post around your house.

You can even make up your own or have your close friends or significant other write some nice things for you to post around.

Keep these affirmations in the areas and rooms you frequent the most, your bedroom for instance.

Place a note on your nightstand next to your phone so that when you go to shut off your alarm when you wake up, the first thing you will see is something like: Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Having these daily affirmations throughout your living space will help you maintain a sense of calm. 


Wrap Up

As challenging as life gets, and as much as difficult people try to bring you down, sticking to these rituals will help you block out those negative forces and find acceptance in the things you cannot change.

Just remember to write often, set daily goals, breathe, surround yourself with positive influences, and use your daily affirmations to maintain your calm.

The more you fill your lifeboat with the good, wholesome, and nurturing aspects of life; the less room there is for the negativity of the world to sink you. 


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