The word Yoga seems like something out of the world. It is associated with gurus and saints, something that cannot be done by mortal beings. Just listening to this word makes us feel some special kind of positive energy flowing inside our body, just like fresh morning air gently moving breezing past us. But, yoga is for anyone and everyone. 

‘Yoga’ is derived from a Sanskrit word, which means union or discipline. Yoga as a concept has existed since ancient times and has been practiced for calming the mind and maintaining the body in India, specifically in northern India in the Himalayas. It is one of the most popular health practices globally, which has rich benefits for young and older people. It can help relax the body and mind for the amelioration of life, which helps to evolve a new you.

Yoga helped me find the best version of myself, and I learned change would never happen to me until I changed my mind. The sacred journey of yoga in my life started during the pandemic where the world was in the trauma of dealing with the virus, which was taking the lives of people or making the living condition even more miserable. 

Through yoga, I discovered the joy of peace for my mind, body, and spirit. The regular practice of yoga asana has tremendously changed my life. It has given me the strength to overcome my health issues. If you can’t do elaborate flows, you have to sit in a calming position as per your comfort level and focus on your breath movements. It will increase productivity and lower stress, and also reduce upcoming superfluous thoughts that go into your mind.

Due to the complex lifestyle, we hardly get time to stay fit or do something healthy. From this lifestyle, we get stress, anxiety, depression, and many other issues. Thus, it becomes important to take time from your busy schedule and practice any physical activity or yoga that takes care of your body and mind.

By practicing yoga regularly, you will experience your body getting more flexible and more durable, and your mobility will increase. Your body coordination also increases due to the link between the grey matter and muscle sink during the short reflexes. 

Yoga not only improves your physical aspect but also improves your mental and spiritual aspect. The person with stable and sustainable control on their asanas will be a better version of themselves. They become a person highlighted in a crowd, and there is a drastic change in their behavior, lifestyle, communication skills, understanding skill, and many more. It helps you dive inside your mind and untangle the chaos that happens there. 

We need peace and joy to free ourselves from stress and stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s thus important to find for yourself those few moments in the day where you can connect with yourself to make your day better. Yoga makes a perfect start for the day; you’ll feel vigorous, energetic, and will be able to face any challenge head-on.