It’s a relatively new condition, but with an estimated one in three people suffering from the seasonal affective disorder, it would be fair to say that it is now something that a lot of us are well and truly familiar with.

The basis of SAD is simple. When the days draw shorter and ultimately darker, our bodies struggle. Depression is the main symptom, but there are many signs, and the numerous causes also make it difficult to treat.

Granted, you are never going to be able to overcome a medical condition just through your home. However, through today we hope to point you in the direction of several changes that can help you and at least ease your symptoms somewhat.

Consider a lightbox

These are some of the newest kids on the block, but don’t consider lightboxes as some sort of gimmick that won’t stand the test of time.

They are backed by science, and there are some great anecdotal articles out there if you look hard enough (there’s a really interesting one from Bustle over here).

Like all of the tips today, it’s not going to solve all of your SAD issues. However, it can make a difference, and the sheer volume of these products means that you can allow them to settle into your home as a charming decoration.

Or, just adjust your lighting

Another light-related product comes in the form of full-spectrum light bulbs. Contrary to popular belief, these are not ‘daylight bulbs’ (the white light that makes a room feel almost sterile). Instead, they are meant to display light reminiscent of the sun’s full spectrum, with some studies suggesting that this can work extremely well when it comes to the treatment of SAD within the home.

Smart devices can come to your rescue as well

Next, let’s talk about smart technology. One of the big problems for a lot of people suffering from SAD is not getting their daily dose of light when they need it. This is where various smart tech can enter the picture.

For example, how about blinds that open earlier to allow a steady trickle of natural daylight into a bedroom in the morning?

Or, how about light bulbs that start to dim on as the morning grows?

In truth, the list could go on, but if you are experimenting with different types of light, consider seeing if you can pair this with smart technology to enhance the effects.

The power of nature

So far, much of today’s article has focused on lighting.

However, another method that many experts believe in is nature. In fact, some doctors will even prescribe nature to treat poor mental health.

This is where Avas Flowers come into the picture. Avas Flowers is now operating nationally, and there are some good examples of their work on the official Avas Flowers LinkedIn page.

While everybody’s floral tastes are going to be different, consider adding a vase to your most frequented rooms. If the studies are to be believed, this is another excellent way you can start to combat the effects of SAD.