Do you know how many Americans use melatonin gummy bears or other supplements to help them sleep? According to a survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over three million Americans use melatonin for sleep. How does it work, and how can it induce sleep? Well, your body naturally produces melatonin. 

Melatonin in itself does not make you sleep. However, at night, your body’s melatonin level increases, putting you in a quiet wakefulness state that helps induce sleep. Some people create a sufficient amount of melatonin on their own. 

Unfortunately, some don’t produce enough melatonin and look to supplements, like melatonin, to help regulate the process.


Understanding Melatonin

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by your brain, specifically the pineal gland. Once it is released, the hormone will travel through your bloodstream. When it gets dark, your pineal gland will start producing the hormone, and when there is light, its production stops. 

Melatonin regulates your body’s circadian rhythm and helps harmonize your sleep-wake pattern. 

When your body creates melatonin, you call it endogenous melatonin. However, if it is synthetically produced, you call it exogenous melatonin – or for example, if made in a lab. Melatonin supplements can take on many forms:

  • Pills
  • Liquid
  • Capsules
  • Chewables


Is Taking Melatonin Supplements Safe?

Generally, melatonin supplements are safe and effective in improving sleep. But, melatonin supplements are not for everyone. Before taking melatonin gummy bears, we encourage you to notify your physician so you’ll be aware of the potential risks and benefits of taking exogenous melatonin. Medical doctors compute the dosage and evaluate the quality of the supplements before they give you the go-ahead signal. 


How Can Melatonin Gummy Bears Help Improve Sleep?

Research has shown time and time again that melatonin supplements can help address sleeping problems. Studies have also given us scientific evidence that melatonin is safe to use by both children and adults. 

Adults who have sleeping problems related to jet lag and DSWPD, or Delayed-Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder, can benefit profoundly from taking melatonin gummy bears. DSWPD is a disorder wherein your sleep schedule is moved to a later time, usually after several hours. 

People who have this disorder find it challenging to get enough shuteye, which may interfere with their responsibilities at school or work. They don’t have sufficient energy to function during the day because of a lack of sleep. Ultimately, taking low doses of melatonin before bedtime can help improve your sleep. 

Jet lag is another example. Taking melatonin at the local bedtime can be especially useful for people who travel across different time zones. 


Are You Interested In Taking Melatonin Gummy Bears?

Melatonin supplements are generally safe. However, we highly encourage you to talk to your doctor if you experience problems falling asleep. You may need to consult with a sleep expert to identify what’s causing the problem and which route of action is best for your unique case. 


Author: William Shell

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