Most people think of success as the sum of two factors – it is painstaking hard work and, of course, luck. You need to work hard or get lucky, but where to look for it?

Many people are able to imagine their happiness somewhere beyond the horizon and are willing to endure the inconvenience for it today, to sacrifice important valuable things today.

However, happiness is a perishable commodity, postponing our happiness for tomorrow and choosing painstaking and hard work today, we may not find it tomorrow.

Either it will come to us not the way we imagined it, or it will seem to us that its price was too high.

Moreover, we were happy when we were striving for our happiness, fought for it, were active, won and lost in many life battles for happiness.

Now, when the goal is reached, everything has become somehow dull and colourless, bland and no longer so valuable.

There is no happiness beyond the horizon; there is happiness today or it may not exist at all. Happiness is not a destination, it is a path.

If you are able to find pieces of this happiness today and collect it in your great happiness today, then tomorrow you can be happy.

In pursuit of happiness, happiness is not found. Happiness does not like effort, it loves harmony, the consent of a person with oneself.

It does not want to sit in the waiting room at the station, it either enters your life right here and now, immediately, or goes in an unknown direction, and then never look back, nobody knows when it will come next time.

The Universal Law of Least Effort: The Mind of Nature works easily, without any effort… carefree, harmonious, and with love. And when we become subject to the forces of harmony, joy and love, we achieve success and good luck easily and without any effort.

-Deepak Chopra




The mechanism of success within us performs creative actions in the same way that gives rise to creative ideas.

Mastery in any kind of activity – whether it be sports, playing the piano, conducting an interview or commerce – does not manifest itself at the moment when you carefully and consciously think through every action you perform, but when you release tension, relax and allow yourself to do it “naturally”.

Creative activity, as opposed to conscious and learned, is always spontaneous, always natural. Even the most skilful pianist will not be able to play the simplest composition if during the game it will decide each time which finger to hit on the next key.

Consciously, he thought about all this before, when he learned and practised until his actions became automatic, habitual.

He became a skilful performer only by reaching a level at which he could give up conscious efforts and convey the care of the game to the subconscious mechanism of skill, which is an integral part of the mechanism of success.

There is probably no person who would not ask oneself what happiness is. In fact, a poor person can be happy while a rich one is not.

Let alone a loving and loved one can be upset while a single person can be satisfied with one`s life.

Here comes confusion, which makes it difficult to jump to the right conclusions as long as happiness, love and success issues are still open for a reason and have different interpretations by schools of philosophy.

What you need to emphasize foremost is the attitude of a human being to oneself and the outside world.

We all are different and it is no secret that there are office workers who spend 8 hours a day in the office space sitting in front of their computers and are happy about it and there are freelancers and businesspersons who potter around and dream of silent routine even for less money.

At the same time, there are more happy people among rich people than those who live in poor and meagre conditions and it is a fact.

Someone might say that happiness is about self-expression and creativity, free and provided with a good life. It is not that easy though.

There is an interesting book titled as the Sorrows of Satan by Bram Stocker, which is a real-world shining example of true creativity, shows under the conditions close to extreme only.

Curiously enough, but both, music and poems sound better on empty stomach. Because getting unlimited material goods makes it to where a person stops working hard and loses motivation.  

Happiness lies within how you feel yourself and what is going on. Inspiring thought is powerful. It can cheer up, push for a change, initiate changes in life.

Success and luck have nothing in common. Success is to realize opportunities that arise around.

The main disadvantage of success is no right to privacy. It is funny, but everyone wants to become rich and famous.

However, when this happens, it turns out that not everything is so fabulous.




Try to be like water. It is the most malleable substance on earth, but it wears even the hardest stone.

Without a form, water can take on any form: in a cup – the shape of a bowl, in a vase – the way of a jar, skirting the stems of flowers.

In the kettle, it becomes a kettle. Watch how the water adjusts. If you squeeze the waterskin hard, the water will flow out quickly; if you press it loosely, it will flow slowly.

It may seem that water sometimes contradicts nature and flows up the slope, but it chooses any path open to the sea.

The water running quickly or slowly is adamant, and its purpose and destiny are unchanged.

To know integrity is to follow the presentation. After all, the present is continually moving and changing, and if we stick to one point of view, based on partialness, it will not be possible to follow the rapid movement of the present.

Life is time, what you are up to, how you feel, whom you hang out with, what exciting things you do. And it is within your power to start doing it now. Do not put it off.

Learn not to worry too much, not to freak out and not to fall into an emotional collapse even in uncertainty or under pressure of circumstances. “No money, no work, but what about tomorrow? Aaaaa!’’

To enable the deadlock, do not burn bridges and plough past life with a soil shifter.

Just take the first step. This step can be arbitrarily small, cautious and inconspicuous. Make it meaningful that is all.

We feel bad, we are unhappy. But we are not ready to do anything, because we are afraid of losing stability.

And how can you forget what you do not have? If there has been no change for some time, there is a false feeling that everything is stable and you control it.

But control can only be in one area: yourself, your emotions, confidence, and development.

Pondering whether to meet with friends in the evening and have fun from the heart or stay at home and make out the accumulated mail – choose the first!

Positive emotions from the meeting will make you much more creative and productive in the following days.

Happiness arises from the gradual “cultivation” of positive emotions.

Similarly, negative experiences create a downward emotional spiral. For example, to a frustrated person, the working day seems endless, and the traffic is terrible.

Each positive emotion is layered on top of the previous ones, enhancing the feeling of happiness.

Positive thoughts, emotions, and decisions feed each other.

With this attitude, eating, exercising, sleeping, resting, and other actions will add strength, rather than suck it out.

Listening to what your body tells and making a choice in its favour each time, you receive a powerful emotional charge.

Visualizing what you want from life, you stir your emotions, which, in turn, put in a good mood and pull you towards the realization of these images.

Tiger Woods, the best golfer of all times, has resorted to visualizing, rehearsing the excellent performance of each stroke on every hole mentally. Will Smith imagined his success long before he became the “star” of Hollywood.

Who could do without sport?

Morning exercise is essential for maximizing potential because it allows us reaching a peak of the emotional, physical and psychological state, which gives you a chance to become a winner on this day.

The everyday-joe allows emotions to dictate his actions, and the efforts of those who have reached big success in life, dictate their views and beliefs.

Silence is among the best tools to immediately reduce stress, at the same time increasing awareness and achieve the clarity that will undoubtedly help you to keep focused on your goals, priorities and the essential things in everyday life.

Author: Melisa Marzett

Melisa Marzett is a guest blogger who is currently working for sky writing service - custom essays and papers and searching for new guest post opportunities. She enjoys summertime and scuba diving, watching short movies and reading classic authors.