Surat in India is an industrialized city and growing faster in terms of population. At the same time, many residents in the city suffer from health illnesses due to high pollution levels and other factors. Hence, they should consider choosing health insurance that satisfies their needs when it comes to ailments. When buying health insurance in Surat, customers should focus more on including critical illnesses in their plan. This will help a lot to get coverage when a policyholder gets admission to a hospital. Health insurance involves several types, and one should evaluate them in detail before investing money. 

What are critical illnesses?

A critical illness is a dreadful illness that causes a direct impact on the health of a person. It even drains the earning capacity and savings amount significantly. Those who suffer from critical illnesses may find it difficult to afford the expenses for medical treatment. This is because the costs are high that can put the financial future in danger. Therefore, it is wise to have a health insurance plan that provides the necessary coverage for a critical illness. The coverage offers a lump sum amount for policyholders to ensure high protection. 

Reasons to include critical illness coverage in health insurance 

Surat has many multi-specialty hospitals that provide high-quality treatments for health illnesses. However, the charges are high when it comes to critical illnesses. Therefore, a person should buy health insurance with critical illness coverage. 

Here are some reasons to include critical illnesses in health insurance. 

  • Lump sum payout

The critical illness coverage offers a lump sum payout of the sum insured amount to a policyholder. An insurer will pay the amounts immediately after admitting a person to listed hospitals. On the other hand, it has a waiting period of 90 days and a survival period of 28 days. 

  • No pre-medical tests up to 45 years 

One of the reasons to include critical illness coverage in health insurance is that it excludes pre-medical tests up to 45 years. This will help a lot to save money on medical tests to a large extent. 

  • Quick settlement ratio

Most insurers in Ahmedabad will work closely with policyholders to claim amounts as soon as possible after completing the waiting period. An insured person should submit all the required information documents when it comes to the claim process. 

  • Wide cashless hospital network 

Insurance companies in Ahmedabad have tie-ups with a wide range of hospitals and having critical illness coverage allows policyholders to choose cashless claims. It means an insurer will pay amounts directly to a hospital that eliminates the need for pocket expenses. 

Why one should buy health insurance with critical illness coverage in Surat?

  • Safety 

Buying health insurance with critical illness coverage provides ways to safeguard a person from high medical costs. Anyone who is having a history of critical illnesses can benefit a lot after buying this policy.  

  • Inflation 

With medical inflation is increasing day by day in Surat, it is imperative to choose a plan that gives ways to manage medical expenses significantly. The policy provides enough financial protection for policyholders that will reduce the burden. 

  • When a policyholder is the only earning member 

Health insurance with critical illness coverage is ideal for policyholders when they are the only earning members of a family. It provides methods to compensate for the loss of income caused by critical illnesses. 

  • Easy claim process 

Several health insurance companies allow policyholders to claim amounts in easy steps after getting admission to a hospital. 

  • Floater coverage

A health insurance plan offers floater coverage for families that will help protect them from critical illnesses. Policyholders can include their spouses, parents, grandparents, and children in floater coverage to ensure better coverage for them. 

  • Covers 12 critical illnesses 

Buying health insurance coverage with critical illnesses coverage allows policyholders to get treatment costs for 12 or more critical disorders. It offers coverage for cancer diagnosis, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, liver failure, stroke, hypertension, etc. Furthermore, the policy allows policyholders to ensure coverage for advanced treatments that will help overcome the financial burden after admitting them to a listed hospital. 

Where to buy a health insurance plan at affordable rates in Surat?

Customers who want to purchase a health insurance plan in Surat should choose a reputed insurer in the markets to gain more advantages. Care Insurance offers a variety of plans at the best prices online thereby showing ways to save more money. The company aims at satisfying the expectations of people when they want to focus more on their financial goals in life. It even guides buyers to know more about the policy details with a customer care team to witness peace of mind from high risks. The plans come with a no-clam bonus and other features that address the requirements of policyholders when it comes to critical illness coverage.


Author: Jeremy Medvin

The given content is provided by Jeremy Medvin who is doing research on this subject. More research contributions credited to Sadia shahid MA Industrial Biotechnology, Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences, National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad; Fatima Nasir MA healthcare Biotechnology, Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences, National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad; Dr. Madiha Khalid Clinical Pharmacist, M. Phill. clinical pharmacy Pakistan, Jeremy Madvin, MBA International Business, University of Redlands, Redlands, Ca.