After a year in loungewear, many of us are desperate to break out our bold dresses, patterned shorts and brand-new summer items. Summer dressing is the perfect time to experiment with your style and try out a new shape, cut or colour combination. 

Some women are venturing into the art of ‘joy dressing.’ Fashion and clothing are often used to mark significant events in history, such as a global pandemic. Throughout the last year and a half, neutral-toned loungewear and cashmere sweatsuits became the height of fashion. However, as we move into the ‘new normal’, we are likely to see more prints, colours and unusual shapes.

Women over 60 are often encouraged to wear darker colours in more conservative cuts and shapes. The mature styles are considered more appropriate for older women, especially in movies and TV shows. Wide leg trousers, a floaty blouse and a blazer have become the standard uniform for women over 60 in the UK.

Fortunately, you can escape this uniform and create your own spirited style. Delve into bold colours, fitted shapes and invest in a pair of classic heels to make your outfit pop. Anyone of any age or gender can find the joy of dressing. 

Instead of following the trends of the season, analyse your wardrobe and find your staple pieces. Focus on the shapes and cuts that make you feel your most confident, and then experiment with these pieces in different colours. It’s best to invest in classic, high-quality items before looking into one-off, trend items. For example, your classic pieces may include a linen shirt, coloured blazer, and smart black culottes. 

Then look into the trends of this season and see how you can fit them into your style. Perhaps, you prefer to accessorise your foundational pieces with bold jewellery or the handbag of the season. Or you could look into some summer trousers in a style you might not have gravitated to before. It’s a great idea to go shopping and try out some different pieces so you can find your personal style. Instead of sticking to your comfort zone stores, explore a few new places as well.

While, of course, we all want our clothing to be flattering – try not to get too bogged down in what is appropriate for your body shape. Fashion should be about expressing your personality and finding confidence within your body. Forget the rules and enjoy your clothing this summer!


Author: Stella Lincoln

Stella Lincoln is a woman of her words. She has experienced stress in her life and coped it with expressive writing. She liked the technique so much that even today, she used to express her feeling in her personal journal. She is associated with Academist Help and owns a blog Educator House .